The Beautiful Game!

Over the Easter period, the pipe dream of automatic promotion to the Premiership for the Tricky Trees has evaporated into the ether, so we’ll have to settle for 3rd (hopefully) and do it the hard way through the dreaded play-offs. If we make it to Wembley I’ll be relying on texts and emails to reach me in Zambia!

Football is extremely popular in Zambia  and I am building up a stock of  UK football magazines as an additional Book Bus resource!  The Zambian Premier League  (sponsored by Konkola Copper Mines) kicked of a few weeks ago. There are 16 ‘top flight’ teams with the Green Buffaloes, currently leading the way from the Lusaka Dynamos!

My journalist daughter, Gemma, has suggested I “blog more regularly but shorter!” so I’m trying to take that on board. Incidentally, as  a proud father, Gem has had a better Easter than Forest with two centre spread features in the ‘Mirror’ (Friday & Tuesday) and another in the May edition of ‘Essentials’ magazine – go girl!             

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  1. Well, in reponse to his ‘Proud Father’ act, may I say (in a combination of thirst for revenge and an overwhelming urge to reciprocate his lovely comment): I am so very proud of my dad, Phil Aldridge, for doing what he is doing.
    I’ve told my work colleagues, my old classmates and my long-standing uni friends about my my dad’s intentions for his new-found retirement. And the most common response (after “what??”), was “Wow, what an amazing guy.”
    And for once, I have nothing more to add. My dad is a pretty awesome man. And I am so, so proud.
    He has moved, seamlessly, from a career in educating the kids of Britain, to educating kids in Africa. Voluntarily!
    I wish I had that in me at 25, let alone at 57!!
    Dad – you’re amazing; from your passion for helping kids all over the world to your passion for educating your own two daughters about anything and everything worth knowing.
    You are something of a legend. Love you so much. Gxx

    • Thanks Gem! I’ve only just picked up your comment since arriving back from Sorrento. You are too kind – but you did bring a tear to my eye! XP

  2. The other Forest…..Green from Gloucestershire are fighting to survive both in the Conference and more importantly as a club. Times are tough!
    If you want any old FGR programmes send me your address and I’ll post them to you. I’m away from 6am Friday for a week
    Hope you manage to see a game while out in Zambia

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