Up Pompeii!

Chris and I have just returned from a short break in sunny Sorrento! Unfortunately no free internet access so unable to blog!

We took the opportunity to go ‘Up Pompeii’ , 35 years after first back packing around Italy. A great experience but much busier than the first time around, with loads of school parties!

Vesuvius remains a live volcano, which last erupted in 1944, and apparently could go anytime soon.  It was therefore ironic to return home just before British aerospace was shut down due to volcanic activity in Iceland! 

With the pre-election build up now well under way, tonight  is the live TV debate with the three main party leaders. It would be nice to see some fireworks and the odd eruption but I fear it may be too well rehearsed and stage-managed for all that !   

Gordon could do worse than adopt the Frankie Howard persona, to liven things up a bit , bless him, (ooh, aagh!) After all it is a bit of a ‘carry on’ isn’t it?     

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