The Clegg X-Factor!

Old ‘Cleggy’  (front left) was, previously best known for his homespun philosophy, as one of three elderly friends tramping around  the Yorkshire town of Holmfirth and its surroundings,  in the whimsical BBC comedy Last of the Summer Wine! 

Last night,  young  ‘Cleggy’ (an adopted son of Yorkshire – MP for Sheffield and leader of the Lib Dems) shot to prominence  in  the first episode of a new X-Factor mini series (sorry live pre-election political debates !)

‘Cleggy’ (on the left) looking remarkably at ease in front of the cameras, succeeded in upstaging his two main challengers . It was intriguing viewing and ‘Cleggy’, admittedly with the least to lose and most to gain, set the standard with his challenging, breath of fresh air rendition which left  Gordon ( much to lose and ill at ease in this format) Brown  and  David ( visibly wilting under the hype and high expectation of the party faithful) Cameron, sounding a bit out of tune! 

Sure, there are two more shows to go & the X-factor audience can be notoriously fickle when it come to the crunch – just look  what happened to Jedward!

Amazingly, I can see the day when elections will be based on a series of televised debates, such as last night,  after which viewers will be invited to vote X-Factor style by keying in their ballot paper pin number and pressing the interactive red, blue, yellow (or green!) button to cast their vote. It might guarantee a better ‘turn out’!     

Unfortunately I will miss out on election day  (being away in Zambia) but have applied for my ‘snail mail’ vote which will hopefully arrive in time to be completed before I leave.

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