Tri-lingual Rwanda Placement Confirmed!

Hello, Bonjour, Muraho!

I have  now received confirmation from VSO that my employer in Rwanda has accepted my placement as an education management adviser, which will commence on September 4th.  This is great news but will mean a busy few months preparation  once I’ve returned from the Book Bus in Zambia at the beginning of June.

I’m already  booked in for my final VSO residential training – 3 days at the end of July, and will also need to be diligent in completing a French refresher/improvement course as well as undertaking the VSO’s basic  familiarisation with Kinyarwanda (the local Rwandan  language). 

Although English is now the official language of delivery in the Rwandan education system, until quite recently it was French (Rwanda being a former Belgian colony). Realistically it is quite likely I will need to communicate  in a combination  of all three languages!       

I’ve also had to submit a submit a request for a VSO issue crash helmet , essential for my daily travels, by motorbike taxi, along the dirt roads of Rwanda! 

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