Volcanic ash clouds plans!

The Eyjafjallajokull (AYA-feeyapla-yurkul) situation rumbles on and its volcanic ash  is now clouding plans at Orchard House.

Today, the eagerly awaited start of the summer term, had been made bearable for Chris on the basis that after just one day in the classroom she was due to jet off for a European education project meeting in Italy!

Unfortunately for her, with flights currently grounded in all the participating countries, the meeting was postponed yesterday and lesson plans had to be hurriedly prepared for the coming week.    

I also have to admit to growing concerns over my forthcoming travel plans for Africa. I’m due to fly out of Heathrow, to join up with the Zambia Book Bus, in nine days time but with each passing day this seem a little less likely – so please keep  fingers crossed!  

Finally, we received an SOS text from an Italian friend yesterday evening; her nephew and his girl friend are stranded in London, following a short break, and fast running out of cash. We’ve managed to book them  a cheap coach fare to Cheltenham and I will be picking them up later today. I guess they will be staying  with us until things blow over – so  it looks  like more of my pasta dishes will be put to the test this week. Ciao! 

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