Monkey Business!

It looks like some planes may be getting off the ground today so things are perhaps looking more hopeful for my flight out to Zambia next week. 

I’m a notorious last-minute packer but think I think I’d better take a more measured approach for this visit,  as I’ve got so much kit to take, including resources for the Book Bus – weight allowance permitting.

I will also be smuggling a travel companion into my luggage!

Monkey usually leads quite an uneventful life out in the conservatory, sitting on top of the Sky+ box and monitoring my viewing habits.

He’s not very well-travelled, but since he heard about the Zambia Book Bus  he’s been pestering me to come along so he can meet the children and hopefully catch up with a few pri-mates!

He’s been doing some research on the  internet and tells me that although the monkeys in Zambia are not from his PG chimp branch of family there are a few distant relatives out there.

Apparently three types of monkey occur in Zambia. The Vervet Monkey (right) is very common in woodland areas. They move in troops of about 20,  feeding on young shoots, seeds,  fruit  and the occasional birds egg.

Maloney’s monkey  and the Blue monkey (left) have occasionally been sighted in the North Luangwa National Park, but their numbers are small. 

The elusive bush  baby, rarely seen in daytime,  and two types of baboon (Chacma and yellow), can be found in the South Luangwa National Park, living in troops of up to fifty. 






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