The Cotswold Way……

Francesco and Nicoletta are mightily relieved to have finally secured a Ryanair flight to Italy on Friday evening. It will take them  to Pisa, despite their original booking being to Ancona, and will mean a late night, four-hour drive at the other end.  All being well they will arrive home a week later than originally planned – and are looking forward to being reunited with their families and getting back to university!  

In the mean time, yesterday we made the most of this gorgeous spring weather, driving through the Cotswolds, taking in: Stow, the Slaughters and Broadway. They were also introduced to the delights of the English cream tea in the ‘olde’  St Edward’s Cafe in Stow. 

We enjoyed the extensive views from Broadway Tower and Nicoletta took a particular liking to the ‘Cotswold lions!’

It is on occasions like this that the joys of retirement really do begin to hit home . There is a new-found spontaneity to my life coupled with the added benefit of being able to avoid the crowds by visiting places on weekdays and outside the school holidays. 

I was astonished to find parking spaces in both the market square at Stow and on the main street in Broadway (little things that brighten up a GOM’s day!)

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