Cambridge Blues

Aptly enough there were clear, light blue skies over Cambridge yesterday, when Francesco, Nicoletta and I stopped off en route to Stansted Airport. Being exam season, many of the colleges were  closed but I managed to smuggle them through the tradesman’s entrance and across the beautiful grounds of  St John’s for a photo stop  in front of the Bridge of Sighs!

Gemma, a graduate of Selwyn College,  will be pleased to hear they preferred Cambridge to Oxford!   

Cambridge and Oxford  rivalry is, of course, intense and no where more so than in the annual boat race, which Cambridge duly won this year despite being rank outsiders (in a two-horse/boat race!)  

Politics is another area of great Varsity rivalry. Amazingly (or perhaps not!) 40 out of 54 British Prime Ministers have been  Oxbridge educated (Oxford leading Cambridge 26-14 in the race for Number 10!)  

 After Thursday night’s, second televised political debate  between the three main party leaders, where ‘Cleggy’ again more than held his own, it seems we now very much have a three-horse  race on our hands.   

Brown (Edinburgh) , Cameron (Oxford), Clegg (Cambridge); I wonder if the ‘man with the golden tie’  (initially the rank outsider) can, like the light blue boat crew, finish the race in style?          











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