Noose Flash – Cast your Votes!

Amazingly my postal voting paper has arrived, by first class post as promised, in time for me to complete and send it off before leaving the country tomorrow!

 It is  very much a two-horse race in West Worcestershire and as one jockey is wearing colours that I could never back, I’m left with a simple decision…………………

However I am disappointed to be missing  Thursday’s final televised debate, on the economy,  and polling day itself. I’ve never missed an election or failed to ‘turn out’ since I reached 18. My ‘first time’ was in the General Election of February 1974!  

Sadly, some would say, I’ve always enjoyed  the anticipation and excitement of sitting up on election night, into the wee small hours, watching Peter Snow’s  ‘swingometer’ edging one way or the other as the results come in.

Whilst I understand, and share many of the current concerns regarding politics in this country, in my view there is never any justification for failing to cast your vote.

If indeed we are to get, long over due, electoral reform  in the near future, hopefully a single transferable vote system, I would actually like to see voting made compulsory, perhaps with the right to cast some sort of  ‘anti vote’ as a way of demonstrating disaffection with all parties (a nice idea proposed by Gilbert Adair in today’s Guardian). I guess, though, that would be considered a move too far!

 A disheartening 38.6%, of those eligible, failed to get off the couch and vote in 2005 and yet in many third world countries we see incredibly humbling  pictures of people walking miles, standing in line for hours and often withstanding gross intimidation to cast their votes. 

Talking of which don’t be intimidated by tonight’s outrageous party political broadcast (or is it a noose flash ?) on the dangers of a hung parliament – if ever there was a sign of party running scared this is surely it.  They may well have put the noose around their own necks!

If the latest polls are an accurate indication, the extra spark of interest, created by the recent televised emergence of ‘Cleggy’, may lead to a bigger turn out this time around – I sincerely hope so.

2 Responses

  1. No guesses where your vote’s gone then Phil?!

    Have a great trip & I’ll keep an eye on the trickies for you. I’ll even give them an extra ‘ureds’ at Wembley.

    I’m looking forward to a trip to the new venue – not been there yet.


    • Is it that obvious?

      All set to go now! If they/you get to Wembley can you get me a programme for the collection?

      U Reds!

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