Sawubona from the Rainbow Nation!

Greetings from South Africa, the Rainbow Nation! 

I touched down in Cape Town at 9.28 a.m,  6000 miles from home, having survived the 11 hour flight in relative comfort. Luckily I’d been allocated an aisle seat, with two spares next to me, and was able to sleep for much of the journey.

I was greeted by clear blue skies and 17 degrees, and the temperature has continued to rise steadily,  peaking at about  23 . A very pleasant surprise, given it’s Autumn here !

I’ve spent most of this afternoon wandering around the re-generated Water Front taking in the beautifully clear views out across the bay,  towards Robben Island, and back round to Table Mountain. There was certainly no sign of, what the locals call the table-cloth, the layer of cloud which often  hovers around its summit.

There are plenty of nice looking bars and restaurants to choose from.  Tonight, I think I’ll  start with a pint in Mitchells’ Waterfront Brewery, one of the few privately run micro breweries,  where they produce a beer called Raven.

Thereafter I’m hoping to visit, the Green Dolphin, a locally renowned live jazz venue. It’s only a short walk from my hotel, the Commodore, where they are  kindly providing  free but frustratingly  slow internet access!

That being the case I’m going to sign off for tonight, in Xhosa,  Hama Kahle!

2 Responses

  1. Hi Phil, keep up the good work! So far I feel quite envious of your journey, but I am not so sure about what is to follow. Good to keep in touch. All the best – hope the beer was good, Gerry.

    • HI Gerry, it was too good!

      3 course meal (very good quality), a beer, a bottle of house wine and 3 hours of live jazz for 300R – about 28 pounds!

      Did Table Mountain today – awesome.

      Early night tonight though – 5.00am taxi to the airport tomorrow!

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