Dozing Dassies, Sunbathing Seals and the Green Dolphin!

Hallo/Mola, from the land of biltong (salted, spicy, dried meat which the Afrikaners can’t chew enough of), bredies (spicy South African stews) and boerewors! Now, I thought the Boer War was a scrap we engaged in with the Dutch, to take control of  South Africa’s  natural resources and bring it under colonial rule, but no it’s a type of farmers’ sausage! 

It was another cracking, blue sky, Autumn morning today so I took the revolving (360 degree experience!) cable car to the top of Table Mountain. I spent three hours up there and it was an awesome experience. The views over Cape Town and along the coast were  really stunning.

I also encountered the dassie! This indigenous species is best described  as a large ‘guinea pig’. As far as I can make out they exist on scraps fed to them by the tourists then spend their time  sprawled out on rocky outcrops and dozing in the sun!

This afternoon, after I had descended, the micro climatic phenomenon known as the ‘Cape Town Doctor’  got to work and drew a blanket of low cloud, ‘the table cloth’ across the mountain, whilst everywhere else  remained clear as a bell!

I was able to observe this from out on the water, as I took a short boat trip around the harbour. En route we passed numerous harbour seals, stretched out on the jetties,  getting into some serious sunbathing  ( I hope they use factor 30+).

I’d noticed an ostentatiously flash looking yacht, the ‘Rising Sun’,  moored  and taking up half the Victoria & Alfred waterfront, well according to our ‘skipper’  it should be flying a Chelsea flag because it belongs to Roman Abramovich. He must be bagging his berth before the World Cup starts! Talking of which I can see the new Cape Town Stadium from my window.  It has a stunning location but is still ‘under wraps’ and they seem to be working around the clock – only 41 days to kick off!

Finally, the ‘Green Dolphin’ proved a brilliant venue last night. A very good 3 course meal with a bottle of local wine and 3 hours of live jazz  cost 300 R, approx 28 pounds! To top it all the local brew, I tried at Mitchells’ Brewery, was called ‘Foresters’ – I’m hoping there is a good omen there somewhere!

I’m afraid it’s an early night tonight, with a 5.00 am taxi booked for the airport and a 7 o’clock flight to Jo’burg,  followed by a connection to Zambia and the Livingstone based Book Bus, which is what this trip really all about.

I’ll keep you posted!        


3 Responses

  1. Two biltong references in one day as it was featured on Coronation Street tonight. Ashley was trying to cash in on the coming World Cup but I don’t think Weatherfield is ready for biltong unless it’s in a pie.
    Did the Cape Town Dr. go to the same medical school as the Freemantle Dr? The opening T/20 game was a thriller with Srilon just missing out to New Zealand in the last over.

  2. I expect your camera has been working overtime! Looking forward to seeing the results later. Chris is visiting tomorrow, Sunday, so your ears will be burning! Enjoy. Gerry.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful start to the trip- let’s hope it gets even better!
    Forest draw 2-2 to earn third and Holly’s heroes. Some superb attacking undermined by defensive lapses. Billy is upbeat despite recent away form. Man U and Chelsea win. Beware the foxes as they hitting good form!

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