Zambia calling………….

I originally drafted the following post on 3rd May. It took over an hour to draft and then frustratingly, but not surprisingly, it failed to upload!

Yesterday I walked down to the internet cafe twice, in the blazing sun, and there was no internet service available in Livingstone at all. 

Today it has taken me over 15 minutes just to access the wordpress site. Anyway that’s enough moaning. As they say around these parts,  “That’s Africa!” and I guess I’m going to have to get used top it.

I have added to my original post, below,  which luckily was saved in the drafts folder. 

I’ve arrived safely in Livingstone and have found an internet cafe on the main street but it is tediously slow. I’ve managed to read my emails and the comments that have recently been posted on the blog – many thanks.

I think blogging from Zambia is going to be difficult because of the slow connection. However I’m keeping a handwritten log and will edit my posts, adding greater detail and photographs, when I arrive home.

In the mean time this the Zambia experience to date – in brief:

  • Campsite better than expected – in the grounds of a slightly faded and dilapidated colonial property of the former governor of N Rhodesia!
  • Got a tent to myself this week but being  joined by another male next week. At the moment  there is a crew of  7 women plus me, the token male!
  • Nice wooden verandah where ice cold drinks can be taken from the  ‘honesty bar’  – Castle Lager from South Africa and the local brew Mosi!
  • It was 27 degrees when we arrived at Livingstone airport  on saturday and it has been pretty much the same since.

On  Sunday we visited Victoria Falls -awesome. We walked across the footbridge and got absolutely drenched. The wet season has just ended and the  falls were seen in their fullsplendour.  The roar of the cascading wall of water was deafening.

  • This week, we arevisiting the Lubasi Orphanage which caters for children from 3 – 19 years of age. There are currently 40, mainly orphaned through Aids.
  • I have met and worked with some lovely children. Many of the children and adults we have met have enchanting names such as Gift, Prince, Honesty, Moses. 
  • I have introduced them to Monkey & Elmer and things are going pretty well.
  • Each day we work from 9.15 to 12.30 on site and then following lunch we plan activities for the next day which takes a further hour or so.
  • We are taking it in turns to produce meals on a two ring burner and I must say the standard has been pretty good so far. As the sole male I’ve ben pencilled in for a barbecue tomorrow – talk about stereotyping!
  • Four of us have booked an overnight safari to Chobe National Park, across the border in Botswana , this coming saturday /sunday.
  • Tonight we are going to a cultural show with traditional Zambian song & dance.
  • On Friday we are having a night off cooking and washing up and visiting a local restaurant to sample Zambian cuisine!

I haven’t forgotten that tomorrow is election day although I do feel somewhat distanced from it now. Surprisingly a lot of the people over here are aware of the UK election and interested too. Obama is also big over here – stickers everywhere!  

I’ll leave it there and keep everything crossed as I try to upload.

6 Responses

  1. Glad to hear all is well. Seeing the falls sounds like an incredible experience, whilst working with the children must be quite life affirming.
    Sports Flash: Forest sign Majewski for 1mil and Spurs claim fourth. England through to last eight of 20-20.
    Enjoy every minute-kb

    • Hi Keith

      Thanks for the sports flash! Glad we’ve been sensible enough to sign up Raddy. Now he knows he’s staying, I hope he turns it on in the play offs!

      England in the last 8 – bit of a surprise!

      Stay tuned,


  2. Good to read that things are going well apart from the internet frustrations. Make the most of the add-on goodies. All the best from V&G.

    • Thanks Gerry/Vida

      Off to Botswana on safari tomorrow and staying overnight. There will be a camp bed – bliss! Hope to spot some of the big 5!

      Gem has been brill today texting me with election updates. She stayed up all night and is surviving on Starbucks today! Needless to say, rather disappointed with the outcome and particularly that Clegg has already ruled out any co-operation with Labour.

      Take care!

  3. Sounds fantastic! Has anyone uttered those immortal words yet – Mr Aldridge I presume? Any wildlife visitors in your tent during the night. Does the bus have air-conditioning (as if!)? What is the local food like? What are you missing most?
    I see Keith has stolen my thunder about Raddy. Alec and I will be thinking about you come kick-off on Sat. I’ll be watching the play-off semi’s at his place with appropriate refreshment to hand, then hopefully (and who knows) going to Wembley for the big one. I guess it will all be over by the time you get back – but I suppose you can always catch up on Forest Player!
    Talk to you soon.

    • Actually the bus is off road at the moment as the pot holes are so big, following a recent storm, we can’t get it off the site! We’ve been travelling by taxi!

      Missing my bed and my wife/family of course!

      Going for a local meal tonight :bream with nshima ( a sort of porridge they eat with everything). You eat with your fingers, rolling the nshima into a ball and dunking it into any sauce or veggies ( they call them relishes).I won’t be wearing a white t-shirt!

      Haven’t read Keith’s post yet. Hope it’s good news about Raddy? I will try to access it now.

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