Stanley’s Revenge!

The new book bus vehicle is now on the road  – hooray! It doesn’t look as good as the old one but they have promised to decorate it with Quentin Blake’s art work as soon as possible.

Yesterday and today we  trundled , bumped and bounced our way at snail’s pace to Linda Community School  where we received a tremendous reception form the local children. As the bus approached the school, children appeared at doorways  waving and shouting whilst others ran along side the bus escorting us to our destination. As we climbed down from the bus we were surrounded, all of them wanting to shake our hands and say, “Hello, how are you?”

We have been working with children in grades 4 to 7 , comprised of 10 to 14 year olds. Although they are teenagers many only have very basic English and their reading is not as good as the children we worked with at the orphanage last week.

My groups have been introduced to Roald Dahl’s  ‘Enormous Crocodile’, which they found quite difficult but they enjoyed making crocodile book marks!

Yesterday another group, working nearby, had been looking at a book about stars. They then went on to make their own stars and decorate them with glitter. Unfortunately Zambian children go mad for glitter. By breaktime the word had got around that the glitter was out and huge group of children descended on the two volunteers, grabbing the glitter and covering themselves in it!   

On our return to Grubby’s we all showered and donned our smartest clothes for a visit to the nearby Royal Livingstone Hotel where we indulged ourselves with ‘high tea’. It was very nice, and we managed to make a hole in the wonderful display of freshly made cakes, whilst sipping our tea from the very best china and being serenaded by the resident pianist. 

There was quite a stirr when a monkey managed to get iside and was chased by two of the waiters through the dining room and out into the garden.

The hotel stands on the banks of the river and within theMosi-oa Tunya National Park. As we arrived, by taxi, a couple of giraffe sauntered across the driveway in front of us.

As the sun began to set over the river we went down to the riverside terrace to partake of cocktails. A lot of them had a local theme. I passed on the ‘Livingstone I Presume’, which was whiskey based and settled for ‘Stanley’s Revenge’, a refreshing combination of grapefruit, cranberry and vodka.

As the sun set, and it sets very quickly out here at about 6.00pm , we could hear the falls thundering down river and see the clouds of spray being cast into the reddening sky.

Tomorrow we are booked on to a sunset cruise, with all inclusive barbecue and drink as much as you like bar  – could be interesting, particularly as we are in with Cowboy Cliffs pre-school children on Friday morning – but more of that later.

Unfortunately news has reached Zambia that Forest have been knocked out of the play-offs by Blackpool. Very disappointing but hopefully we’ll get automatic promotion next year.

I won’t even get started on the Cameron/Clegg alliance – very disappointing & I, along with a lot of others I suspect, feel let down by the Lib Dems!

Finally, it was great to log on today and find comments from some of the children in Severn Class at Naunton Park School I’m really pleased they  have been able to read some of my postings  and I hope I will be able to visit school when I return to England and tell them more about my time in Zambia.

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