Solar powered cooking!

Today is the end of Week 3 on the Book Bus. Friday is quite a heavy day as we do morning and afternoon visits. This morning we returned to Cowboy Cliff’s pre-school and this afternoon we were back at the Lubasi Orphanage.                  

Today’s theme at the Cowboy School was ‘monsters’. We read ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and helped the children make monster masks. This meant an early morning, post breakfast prep session. At 7.30 am we were cutting out 100 mask templates! It’s worth it though as the pre-school kids are great and really appreciative of everything we do.      

When we arrived Cliff was already at work on top of the playground shelter, re-thatching it. Some of the ladies of the local community were also in the grounds setting up 3 solar powered ovens. They are absolutely amazing, essentially an aluminum covered cardboard box with a plastic cover that is pointed towards the sun. They cost 10,000 kwacha, which is the mighty sum of one pound fifty pence and are of course reusable. For most people, the only alternative source of heat, for cooking, is charcoal which is relatively expensive.

We arrived at around 9.15 am and the ladies were just putting a chicken dish into the cookers. At the end of our two hour session it was perfectly cooked. They kindly gave us a small amount to taste and it was delicious!   

The Cowboy Pre-School is an amazing achievement. In 2003 the site was the village rubbish tip. It now house the most appealing, well looked after school environment we have visited. The perimeter fence is a couple of metres from the edge of the Livingstone National Park. Whilst we were there today we could hear an elephant snorting and just see the top of its head through the trees. Cliff told us that last night a group of them could be seen from the school yard. They also showed us a photograph taken when a rhino recently appeared, causing great excitement amongst the children. I should add that there is an electric fence between the park and the school yard!            

Some of us are hoping to make the most of our final weekend here by taking a taxi to the Zim/Zam Bridge and crossing over into Zimbabwe for a view of the falls from the other side. Apparently you can get closer to the falls in Zambia side but get a more panoramic view of them from the Zimbabwe. We also intend to quench our thirst at the famous old colonial Victoria Falls Hotel.     

Many thanks to all of you have been posting comments. I’m amazed how many people seem to be following my Blog. I hope it will continue to be of interest.

Finally on a sporting note, I was pleased to hear from Grubby (a kiwi) and his partner in crime Bart (a South African) that in their words “England thrashed the Aussies” in the 20/20 Cricket World Cup Final!  Mind you they did point out that it was our South Africans that won it for us!

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  1. I’ve enjoyed your postings almost as much as Englands T/20 victory.
    Any sssssnake sightings?


    • Hi Eve. I’ve seen a couple of small ones. One day I was walking along the lane to town and i guy cutting down some long grass told me to watch out, he’d just disturbed a cobra but I didn’t see it!


    • Hi V&G

      There seems to be a new experience everyday. Enjoyed the excursion to Zimbabwe, especially the Vic Falls Hotel.

      Nicci has just let me know she has got a promotion to asst head of department. Very pleased and proud of her. Looking forward to meeting up with her, and a few creature comforts in Cape Town. It’s a pity Chris isn’t coming too.

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