Clippety Clop over the Zim-Zam Bridge….

On Sunday a group of us took a taxi down to the border and walked across the old metal railway bridge built by Brunel, I think, and known locally as the Zim-Zam Bridge, to enter Zimbabwe. Kelly, our group leader invited two Zambian friends, Paul and Oliver, to come along as unofficial guides. They were both immigration officers, which was very helpful in speeding things up at the border.

On our way across the bridge we paused at the spot where the bungee jumping takes place (not for me!) and I witnessed something I had never seen before, a completely circular rainbow within the river gorge – it was quite spectacular.

We were relieved that the nasty old troll (His Excellency Robert Mugabe) was not lurking under the bridge and we were able to enter Zimbabwe without hindrance.

The purpose built resort of Victoria Falls was rather like a ghost town and the only sign of tourism was at the old colonial (1904) Victoria Falls Hotel, with its magnificent views along the Zambezi toward the falls (you can see it, on the left, perched above the rainbow) where we took lunch on the terrace!

During the afternoon our ‘guides’ took us away from the resort area, complete with its mega Spa Supermarket (closed) and out to the poorer part of town which was much more lively and the local market was as vibrant as those we have visited in Livingstone.

A number of us are now in our final week on the book bus so we are saying our goodbyes to the children and school staff we have come to know over the last few weeks. Today is a public holiday, Africa Day, which has allowed me time to update my blog. Tomorrow, at Libala School, the staff have invited us to take nshima with them at lunch time. This is of course very generous,  but they also have the ulterior motive of a laugh at our expense as we get it all over ourselves, again!

Finally, I was delighted to receive a text from Nicci yesterday informing me that just a year after joining her current school she has been appointed as assistant head of the MFL department. Well done Nic! Good luck leading your student visit to France later this week and I can’t wait to meet up with you in Cape Town on Sunday!

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  1. Fascinating as always, but delighted to get the news of Nicci Beth, albeit via Africa!!!. Will call her later. You will miss the life in Zambia, but there is Rwanda to look forward to. All the best from V&G>

  2. Hi Phil, just been catching up with a few of your recent blogs. Sounds like you’re having a fantastic time. The microlight flight sounds brilliant and I liked your comment about the Y6 table wiping! The Comenius visitors have all left now. It seemed to all go really well. Having not been involved much in the recent project, it was wonderful to see all the brilliant work each of the schools have done. Laura and Jane did a really good job and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for the next project. Personally, it was great to see Philippe and Karen again and we reminisced in particular about ‘Saddam’ and his maudlin Greek love songs in the brewery in Kassel! Hope your final few bus days go well. Take care, Giles

    • Hi Giles
      It’s good to hear from you.I’ve had a brilliant experience out here in Zambia both in terms of my work on the Book Bus and also the many exciting recreational opportunities on offer. The Chobe Safari and the microlight flight over Vic Falls are experiences I will never forgat. I’m glad the Comenius visit went well & hope the next project comes through. I hope to come into NP later this term to tell the children more about my visit. Hopefully we can catch up then.

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