Over and out from Zambia

I’ve just returned from the Lubasi Orphanage, the last visit of my Book Bus stint. This week has really flown and there have been lots of ‘goodbyes’ as those of us who are leaving tomorrow  have explained to the children that we will not be returning next week but will be replaced by  some eager new faces wearing the ghastly yellow Book Bus polo shirts!

It has been a tremendously rewarding experience but I now feel ready to leave and I’m really looking forward to meeting up with Nicci in Cape Town for a week of relative luxury, in a hotel with a bed and ensuite facilities – bliss!

I’m also looking forward to seeing Chris again on June 6th after six weeks apart. I’m sure there will be a lot to catch up on. And of course I’ll be back in time to enjoy a month of World Cup football from South Africa.

Four volunteers who first met four weeks ago and one who joined us a fortnight ago will be leaving tomorrow. We have made the most of our last week together. On Monday we revisited the Royal Livingstone for another high tea and cocktails whilst watching the sun set over the Zambezi. The Hotel is in the grounds of the Livingstone National Park and our night was made complete as we left, for on our way out we met eye to eye with five zebra that had wandered in and were nonchalantly grazing by the swimming pool. They weren’t at all fazed by our cries of surprise and excitement, and just carried on munching, regardless!  

Around the time of a full moon, if the skies are clear, there is a  unique lunar rainbow visible at Victoria Falls. Last night, after our evening meal we took taxis down there in the hope of seeing it. The skies had been clear when we left central Livingstone but by the time we had driven the 10km to the falls it had clouded over, so we were all really disappointed. There is one more opportunity for us tonight but it has been overcast most of today, so I fear we are likely to be foiled again.

Tonight we are eating out at Olga’s Italian Corner, where it all kicked off four weeks ago. Later on we also hope to meet up with some Zambian friends we have made whilst working here. They are all professional dancers who we have seen ‘Dance around Zambia’ twice! They are all great fun but when we visit the local bars, which all have either a DJ or live music, they put us Brits to shame on dance floor!    

Well that’s more or less it from Zambia. I will try to keep the Blog going in Cape Town, as there is much to see and do there. I will also be continuing with it when I return to the UK and during my forthcoming VSO stint in Rwanda, so if you are enjoying the ride please stick with it.

Over and out from Zambia!

6 Responses

  1. Well Done Phil.

    You are a star!!! Looking forward to hear about your experiences first hand.

    The Devrells

    • Will be in touch as soon as I’m back in the Shire!

  2. Hope your African saga will be as enjoyable in South Africa as it has been so far. Have a great time with Nicci Beth, and we look forward to seeing a photograph or two!!! Love to you both from V&G.

    • Nicci is loving it! It’s great to see her. The hotel is super and we are indulging ourselves a bit!

  3. Have so enjoyed sharing some of the experiences with you. Just a quick note to say Comenius visit went really well and The Trout at Wolvercote was fab! (Although our coach driver “Jesus” made the journey interesting!!) Hope to see you soon at Naunton Park, where your postcards have been appreciated by the children. Have a safe trip back.
    Viv x

    • Thanks Viv. I’m glad the postcards made it and that the Comenius visit went well. I look forward to seeing you before the end of term.

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