Fantasy Football

Yesterday, I was pleased to receive an email from a former colleague inviting me to take part in a World Cup competition, set up by her husband, aimed at raising PTA funds for my old school, Naunton Park. It follows a tried and tested format that he has used for previous international football tournaments, which involves predicting the score for every game and forecasting which teams will make the quarters, semis and the final, including the eventual winners. In addition extra points can be gained by four nominated goal scorers. It costs £3.00 to enter and if you are interested you can find out more at @

As always, I’ve let my heart rule my head and if my predictions work out England will be beating France in the quarters, Holland in the semis and lifting the trophy in Jo’burg after defeating Spain in the final on July 11th. A bit optimistic I know, but at this stage before a ball has been kicked in anger, you’ve  still got to  believe !  My nominated scorers are Villa (Spain), Messi (Argentina), Fabiano (Brazil) and then, after much deliberation, I’ve gone for  Wayne Rooney over Holland’s Van Persie . I hope that hasn’t put the kiss of death on him but if England are to win he has to score regularly and there’s no getting away from that.  

Now that I’ve got time on my hands, I’ve also submitted a team in the Daily Telegraph Fantasy Football World Cup Competition and set up a private Super League – ‘Tricky Tree League’ (PIN: 8004793). At the moment  ‘Bafana Bafana’ are set to win the league, as they are the only team in it! However if you would like to pick a team (£5.00 to enter) and have a bit of fun taking me on over the coming few weeks, log on @

There are cash prizes, but I wouldn’t get too excited about that at this stage!

My £50 million pound team will be starting the tournament playing a 3-5-2 formation. I’ve gone for  goal scoring potential throughout the team and on paper it looks pretty good to me:

James (Eng) 3.5m,

 Alves (Braz) 3.5m, Terry (Eng) 4.0m, Ramos (Spain) 4.3m

Pienaar (SA) 3.1m, Gerrard (Eng) 4.5m, Fabregas (Spain) 3.9m, Van der Vaart (Holl) 3.6m, Ronaldo (Port) 6.0m

Messi (Arg) 7.0m, Villa (Spain) 6.6m  

I admit to taking a gamble on ‘Calamity’ James as keeper (Fabio probably feels the same!) but I’ve got a sneaking feeling he might come good this time around. Pienar is in there on the basis that if South Africa are to do anything in the early stages he will have to shine. Also as I only shelled out 3.1m for him it allowed me to spend big on Ronaldo, Messi and Villa, hopefully the aces in the pack!

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