SKWID 2: Octopussy sunk by Bulletproof Bomb!

Tomorrow morning each of  us, in turn, has to lead a practical activity involving five of our fellow volunteers. This is to demonstrate our facilitation skills. We will receive feedback on our performance from the participating  group members and one of the  course leaders who will be observing – so a bit like Ofsted for VSO volunteers then!  

The activities we have chosen for the facilitation exercise are meant to lend themselves for adaptation and use within a VSO context overseas. My activity is called  the Atomic Bomb Shelter!  which is intended as a discussion tool for information gathering about local cultural norms and perceptions or an analysis of people’s rights and capabilities.

If you are reading this you might want to have a go!

When the three-minute warning of a nuclear attack is sounded, ten community members make their way towards the atomic bomb shelter. Unfortunately there is only room for six  people. A decision has to be made about which four get left outside.

The ten contenders are: a police officer with a gun, a 16-year-old girl with learning disabilities, a 19-year-old homosexual Olympic athlete, a 35-year-old male biochemist in a wheelchair, a 50-year-old black female pastor, a 21-year-old female jazz singer, a peasant woman pregnant for the first time, a 70-year-old philosopher grandfather, a Chinese communist man specialising in medical sciences and a 40-year-old retired commercial sex worker.

Easy decisions then? As I’m sure you have guessed, there is no right answer but it’s all about the process and picking up people’s  prejudices and stereotyping

When today’s programme came to an end, at 8.00pm, most of us  beat a hasty path to the local pub, The Bell, for some liquid refreshment and the sunday evening quiz. We entered two teams and, with the SKWID theme in mind, named them Calamari and Octopussy. As you might imagine the VSO rivalry was intense. I was in the Octopussy team and we were going well until the last round which consisted of ten one-point questions.

If you got all of these correct an extra five points were awarded, making a possible 15, but get any single question wrong and it resulted in a big fat zero for the round. We were on a roll and going for the kill but blew ourselves out of the water with a Wacky Races question!

Who drove the Bulletproof Bomb?  

We went for broke and  gambled everything on Dick Dastardly only to find it was……………………..?  

This naive tactical error enabled the non risk taking Calamari team to beat us by 2 points and gain the bragging rights.

Anyway it’s time for bed now and another full day of training to look forward to tomorrow!

Oh yes we were, of course, undone by the Anthill Mob!

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