Home Sweet Home – ‘Sonia’s House’!

Given that everything operates on African time here I suppose our departure from Kigali on Wednesday, two hours later than scheduled – just after mid-day or saa sita as they say here, was not bad!

Four of us were transported to Kirehe District which is in the Eastern Province. John, from Harrogate, is a basic education methodology adviser, and Mark, from Sark, is and education management adviser. Both have district wide briefs and are here for the long haul having committed to two-year placements.

Each district is sub divided into sectors and my responsibility, in the short-term (three months), is to work with just two schools within the Nyarabuye sector.

The three of us are living in Nyakarambi, which the Bradt Guide describes as a ‘large village’ ‘definitely worth stopping at’ for travellers en route to the border with Tanzania, at Rusumo.

It is a hotch potch of shops, a few small bars and an auberge straddling a  busy main road along which passes a stream of pedestrian traffic and HGV vehicles headed to and from the border crossing.

Abdel-Illah, from Paris, also a long-term volunteer, is a basic education methodology adviser for another district and is based in a rather more isolated location about 10km down the road.

John is succeeding Dorothy, who has been in Nyakarambi for a year and will be returning home at the end of the month. John is currently sharing her house which is very close to the centre.

Mark and I are living together about a 20 minute walk from centre but very close to the district administrative office which is in effect our work base.

There had been considerable confusion about our accommodation and VSO only finalised a contract with the landlord 24 hours before we left Kigali. None of the properties here seem to have addresses but we are staying in what is known locally as Sonia’s house, after the previous volunteer who lived in it.

The problem arose because we have a ‘sitting tenant’ who has kindly agreed to vacate the main part of the property and temporarily relocate across the rear courtyard in an adjoining building. This arrangement is supposed to be for 15 days only and then we have been told we will move to another nearby property but I’m not holding my breath! Further to this, when I leave in December Mark will move in with John, in Dorothy’s house – all very convoluted!

We arrived in a downpour and Mark and I were confronted with our furniture which had been dumped by a member of the VSO logistics and furniture department in the middle of our living area. The first thing we had to do on arrival was assemble our beds!

However home sweet home is better than expected. It is a single storey, brick-built, construction with a corrugated roof set on a pleasant plot with a small lawn to the front and a courtyard to the rear. There is a reasonably sized living/dining area with a dining table and chairs, storage cupboard, four easy chairs and a coffee table.

Best of all it has electricity and running water, or did have until yesterday when the water appears to have been switched off because of local construction work. Hopefully it will be back on again some time soon but in the meantime we have to make do with water delivered in jerry cans.

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  1. Sounds like an episode of soap mate. Gloucester yet to find their form. Forest not getting the rub of the green. Much of a muchness here then… The variety is yours- enjoy!

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