Inanasi, the Madonna & the Gecko!

I have returned from the not so bright lights of Kigali to Nyakarambi – well and truly back in the sticks!

Having taken full advantage of the hot shower in the Isimbi, I treated myself to one of their cheese slice omelettes for breakfast and a pot of coffee.

Storks were circling over head and the Sunday morning city was just beginning to buzz as Mark and I set off to do battle with the competing bus operators.

International Express won out this time as they were due to leave at 10.00 am, which they did –promptly. The return was much more comfortable than Friday’s outward bound journey and a window seat ensured some ventilation and an ever-changing view of the Rwandan countryside and its people.

Some were toiling on the land, including those wading through the paddy-fields on the road to Kibungo, whilst others tended cattle and goats or sought shelter from the warm morning sunshine beneath trees or in the shade of the clay built homes.

We passed numerous family groups dressed in their Sunday best clutching Bibles as they made their way home from morning church.

After arriving at our home around 1.00pm we opened the door to our small covered front terrace to let some air and light into the living area. Lunch was a chunk of the Rwandan Gouda I’d bought in Nakumatt, which was very pleasant actually, accompanied by a slice of fresh pineapple that Claude had procured from the market on Friday.

The pineapples (inanasi) are succulent here whilst the omnipresent bananas (imineke) are also very good and form an essential part of my balanced diet. It is quite easy to do your  five a day here but then again it’s also very tempting to opt for ifiriti  when eating out!

As I settled down in front of the computer to prepare some work for next week I noticed that our resident gecko had taken up his favourite position clinging to the wall above the Madonna of the sacred heart (I think!) who gazes rather unnervingly down  upon our dining table!

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