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Thanks to all of you who have been keeping in touch either by email or posting messages on the blog. It is very much appreciated.

I did temporarily have an email virus so apologies to any of you who received unsolicited messages from my address advertising Viagra and the like! I seem to have resolved the problem now.

Although I have got regular internet access via the MTN dongle it can be terribly slow and it takes up most of my spare time accessing and responding to emails, keeping the blog up to date and keeping tabs on Forest and Gloucester.  

It’s a waste of time trying to get on the BBC website as it takes forever to download, so I’m feeling rather out of touch with regard to current affairs, which is rather frustrating.

I did receive a chatty email from Gem the other day informing me that Geeky (Ed Miliband ) had won the Labour leadership contest, surprised but pleased about that, and that the Pope’s visit had been annoyingly controversial, not surprised about that!

Gem also tells me she got the double page lead in last week’s Love It, plus a couple of smaller features inside – good girl, well done!

The tom toms were beating in deepest Rwanda with news of Gloucester’s 18-3 victory over Baarf at  ‘the Wreck’. Thanks for that Keith. I think that’s only their second league win there since the Rugby Premiership began and even better it was in front of the Sky cameras. I bet Stuart Barnes was full of praise for the Cherry and Whites! Interestingly no news from Solihull on this one, Steve!  

Forest continued their unbeaten run with an apparently hard-fought draw at Donny Rovers yesterday following their mid-week point at home to the Blades. I’m not quite sure where we currently stand in the Championship but if we could turn a few more draws into wins I’m sure we wouldn’t be too far off a top six place.       

Msafiri  tells me he’s showing Chelsea v Arsenal  this afternoon so I might settle myself down with a bottle of Primus in front of his giant screen.

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  1. I have the ‘opener’ this week, too! Hooray! Miss you so much, Dad. We will have a whole load of political debating/music listening/book recommending/beer drinking to do at Xmas. I have recently found out I have the WHOLE Xmas period off. I’ve had 3 days holiday approved and with the way the bank holidays fall, that means I have from the 24th to the 4th off!!!! I am SO excited. Longest Xmas hols I’ve had in 4 years, so we have to make the most of it!

    Love you, and am so proud of what you’re doing. Keep it up, Popsy xxxxxxxxxxx

    • (I mean from the 25th, obviously. I’m working Xmas Eve, but should be done my lunchtime and will be home early evening)

    • Well done Gem! I’m glad things are going well at Love It. It’s great that you will have such a good break at Christmas. I miss our chats and will look forward to catching up over a few beers. Take care xxxx

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