‘Salon de Coiffure’ – African Haircut Sir?

For some time I had been thinking that a haircut was in order. Although I don’t have much hair, it has a tendency to grow in all the wrong places and after two months away I was beginning to sport what my daughters lovingly refer to as the, ‘Coco the Clown look’ (second only to the Bobby Charlton comb over in the pantheon of baldy hairstyles!).

As I was making my way back through Kibuye ‘centre’ towards the Home St Jean my eyes were drawn to a rendered building, painted in a lively shade of turquoise, with a sign above the open doorway announcing that it was a ‘Salon de Coiffure’. To reinforce the message two men’s heads were portrayed sporting stylish African hair styles.   

I decided to take the plunge. My opening gambit was, “Do you cut muzungu hair?”  to which came the convincing reply, “Yego!” and I was asked to take a seat.

So there I sat, in small town Rwanda, staring into a mirror bedecked with fairy lights while posters of Arnie ‘the Terminator’, the Back Street Boys, Chelsea and Manchester United looked down at me from the walls. Well, they all had western hairstyles so surely it shouldn’t  prove too much of a problem. To make a point I pulled out my VSO card, which has a passport photograph, and showed it to the ‘hair stylist’  to give him some idea of the optimum length, before finally stressing, “Not African style!”  

He smiled and set to work. There was not a pair of scissors in sight.  The whole job was done with an old set of electric hair clippers, with copious amounts of talcum powder and purple methylated spirit applied to my scalp throughout the procedure!

Well, cutting to the bottom line, I won’t need to dash to the hair dresser again before Christmas. I’m trying to kid myself that I’ve got the Bruce Willis look but it’s probably nearer to the Mitchell brothers. Anyhow it’s better than Coco the Clown and what do you expect for 600RWF (60p)?

2 Responses

  1. As a wise man from Somerset once observed; “There’s only a week between a good and bad haircut”. Enjoy the week and keep up the good work.

    • Hi Keith Thank you for those words of wisdom! I look forward to catching up over a pint down at Kingsholm. Hope Glaws will continue to hold down a top 4 place and who knows maybe a Twickenham finale!

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