‘It was the trap and the peanut wot done it!’
October 14, 2010

Since moving  into our new premises we have been aware that we are not alone. The tell-tale signs of rodent companions soon became evident.

They seemed to take a particular liking to our bananas but we have managed to keep our food out of harms way by either storing it in sealed plastic containers or keeping it in bags which are suspended from a couple of six-inch nails that Claude hammered delicately into the wall!    

He also picked up a rather evil-looking trap from the local market which we positioned by a hole in the corner of the room that appeared to be a main thoroughfare for our furry friend(s).

We baited it first with banana and then with cheese, but without success. On one occasion the cheese had gone but the trap had not been triggered.  Yesterday Claude appeared with a handful of ‘monkey nuts’ which seemed an interesting alternative, but clearly he knows his stuff.

At seven thirsty yesterday evening I was partaking of an early evening drink with John and Abdel -Illah at KMC.  Mark had declined staying at home to finish some work.

My mobile suddenly vibrated into action with an incoming text that said it all: ‘1 dead rat. It was the trap and the peanut wot done it!’  

My response was that I hoped he would haven given it a good Christian burial by the time I got back from the bar!  

This morning King Rat’s lifeless form was to be seen in the pit at the bottom of the garden, where Claude disposes of our rubbish. When I pointed it out to him he smiled knowingly.