And now the papers……….
July 4, 2010

During our pub lunch at the Trout yesterday, Gemma mentioned she had been keeping a ‘journalistic eye’ on my blog and then proceeded to offer me the benefit of her professional advice. Nicci, with her teacher’s head on, waded in and before I knew it the following targets for improvement had been set:

  1. ‘Show more literary discipline’ – in other words don’t ramble!
  2. Don’t over do the sport – mix  up the content more
  3. Don’t get sloppy with your proof reading – (slap on the wrist!)

Success criteria: more succinct, accurately written, posts which appeal to a greater audience resulting in more ‘hits’.

So, basically, ‘must do better!’  Here goes then:

I’ve always fancied doing that slot on Breakfast TV where guests review the papers. These are the stories (in brief) that have caught my eye this week:

David Cameron is officially a ‘waxwork’ : Enough said!

Baroness Flo: For children of the ’70s (and some university students) Playschool presenter Floella Benjamin  is a legend. She has taken her seat as a Lib Dem peer and is currently working on her maiden speech for the Lords. I trust Humpty and Jemima will be in the public gallery!    



Tory MP puts foot in mouth-Part 1:  Andrew Lansley (Health Secretary) declares Jamie Oliver’s Healthy School Meals campaign a failure. Top tip: Don’t slag off a ‘national treasure’. A celebrity chef can only do so much and at least he’s trying. How are the coalition going to address the healthy lifestyles agenda, by cutting school meals subsidies?   


Tory MP puts foot in mouth-Part 2:  Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt loses the votes of an entire city at a single stroke! Top tip: If he thinks an apology over his Hillsborough disaster gaff will wash with the scousers – forget it. Liverpudlians still steadfastly refuse to buy The Sun because of its assertion, at the time, that Liverpool fans contributed to the disaster.  

Don’t Cry for Me Argentina!  Diego ‘Hand of God’ Maradona, one of the ‘main events’ at this World Cup, had appeared on track for further footballing immortality. The roly-poly football legend has undergone a transformation from  drug addled, obese laughing-stock and reinvented himself as coach of the Argentina national side. His press conferences had been a breath of fresh air and his team a delight to watch until they inexplicably succumbed to the Germans by 4-0!   

The Italian Job:  Fabio Capello keeps his job but probably for the wrong reasons. The FA can’t afford the compensation or face the public ordeal of appointing another coach.  

Murray misses his Moment:  

The time seemed right and the nation was all set to hail a Wimbledon champion for the first time since 1977. Even the Queen had leant her support!  Unfortunately Rafael Nadal had not read the script. Murray was good but not good enough. Nadal is a supreme athlete with a precision and killer instinct that Murray still can’t quite match. There’s always next year!

A stroll for Serena: Meanwhile fashion guru & ‘model’ Serena Williams took time out from her business interests to lift the Wimbledon crown for a 4th time.  She and her sister, Venus (who take it in turns), have now won an incredible 8 out of the last 10 Wimbledon championships!