Dorothy clicks her ruby shoes and bids farewell to Nyakarambi
October 3, 2010

I can’t help associating the name Dorothy with the Wizard of Oz. Thinking about it I’m sure a number of parallels could be drawn between LF Baum’s adventure and Dorothy’s time here in Nyakarambi.

Yesterday Dorothy finally reached the end of the yellow brick road, clicked her ruby shoes and headed for home, not Kansas but Cornwall!

On Friday evening we had a final farewell at the KMC. For the second time in a week Msafiri came up trumps with an impressive buffet and he also kindly donated soft drinks and a crate of Primus free of charge, a nice gesture.

It was a very pleasant evening with many of Dorothy’s closest friends from the community putting in an appearance. Rwandan’s seem to love making speeches on these occasions and many well deserved and kind words were spoken.

Dorothy has been a great help since we arrived and now we are on our own, with a big pair of ruby shoes to fill.