‘There is nothing like a Dame’ – unless it’s ‘the Prince of Thieves’!
June 21, 2010

Those of you who are familiar with old Hollywood musicals will know, “There is nothing like a dame,” – just  take a look at our very own Dame Helen Mirren……. 

Appearing on a US chat show last week, ‘national treasure’ Dame Helen, better known as ‘the Queen’, across the pond, got her self into oily waters and raised a few eyebrows back home. 

Dame Helen, who often revels in her reputation as something of a loose cannon, played to her audience by stoking the prevailing anti-British sentiment and describing BP as “Bloody P—- poor”.

She followed this up by saying that he was pleased England had not beaten the United States in the World Cup match.

She is a good actress, deserving of the recognition she has received for her performances, but surely one might expect a little more decorum from a Dame?  Given that emotions are running high in the US, over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and that the ‘special relationship’ is under intense  pressure perhaps she was seeking to defuse the situation with  a mischievous and ‘humorous’ comment or two.

On the other hand it could be seen as nauseous, ingratiating and a calculated act of self publicity.

Thankfully, at least, on this occasion the Dame kept her clothes on!      

Perhaps BP missed a trick. Beleaguered executive Tony Hayward should have enlisted Dame Helen to accompany him at Congress last week, where the members  were lining up to ‘slice and dice’ him. I’m sure her take on events would have gone down well, and a regal wave or two and a few signed photographs from ‘the Queen’, would have helped pour oil on troubled waters!

Another thespian who was present at Congress the other day, Hollywood legend Kevin ‘Prince of Thieves’ Costner, was able to offer BP a more practical solution to cleaning up the oil spill. He owns a company who, for the last 17 years, have been working on a machine that will separate oil from water. Ever, straight as an arrow and one to ‘rob the rich to help the poor’, Kevin has signed a contract with BP to provide 32 of these centrifuge like devices. Let’s hope they hit the target!       

Finally on the oil front, slick operator and Hollywood wannabe President Obama (seen here in the role of Bond villain Dr No), who has been the fiercest critic of BP in recent weeks,  is becoming increasingly embarrassed by the incestuous relationship that has existed between BP and US politicians. Obama’s own presidential campaign benefitted to the tune of $77,000 from BP funds.

It was further revealed, by the Sunday Times yesterday, that up to 30 Congress committee members have combined holdings, worth $14.5 million, in oil companies which include BP!